Sunday, December 30, 2012

Choose the Right board game

I revisited the "Choose the Right" board game that I played in January last year, to draw 2012 to a close but I changed some rules, and I added new cards to incorporate, the songs that we had learned over the year, as well as the lessons that have been taught.

Basic rules:
1. Instead of using color cards to move forward (like with Candyland, which is what I did originally), children just choose a "Choice" card. I had simple choice cards like, "You washed the dishes without being asked. Take one step forward," but I also had specific ones from the lesson manual, like the examples below. Depending on the choice (and sometime they were "bad choices") the child could move a piece forward or backward on the board.

2. Rather than having the two sides of the room compete against each other, I told them the object of the game was to get as many of their pieces home as possible. They could move any of three pieces. This made them a lot more reverent. In senior primary, they also managed to get three of their pieces home.

3. If they landed on a music square or depending on the card they drew, they could take a music card. This gave them extra points to move forward faster on the board.

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