Friday, January 16, 2015

I Know That My Savior Loves Me Song Review

I'm back ... I am subbing for our Primary Chorister on Sunday, and wanted to share what I was thinking about doing in Primary for Singing Time for a song review of "I Know that My Savior Loves Me."

The more I hear "I Know that My Savior Loves Me," the more I love it, and the beautiful things the words in the song teaches us and reminds us about our Savior. I want to help the children really think about what they are singing by attaching images of the Savior and images of heart to popsicle sticks. This focuses the children, of course on Savior and Love.

Each time we sing the word "Jesus," or "Savior," they will hold up the image of the Savior on he popsicle stick. Every time they sing the word "love," or "heart," they will hold up the image of the heart, on the popsicle stick.

You could also have them hold up the picture of the Savior every time they sing "he," "His," or "Him." This adds a LOT more time that they will need to hold up the stick picture of the Savior. They can do this on the second time around, to add some variety.

You can also have them point to themselves every time they sing the word, "I."

I love this activity particularly for the new Sunbeams, but even Senior Primary tends to respond well. For the Senior Primary, I'll follow up on some activities that our chorister was doing last week that she planned to continue forward, with some fun rhythm games while singing the song, involving clapping hands with their neighbors instead of just keeping the clapping to themselves. I love this kind of activity in Primary - so engaging! Here's an example of how I've previously lead the clapping game. If you've never done it before, start there, before taking it up a notch!

(Also, if you waited until Sunday morning to find these notes, you can just substitute an action, like "stand up and sit down" for the images ...)

I might use colored images, but then again, these line drawings are the least expensive to print out in large quantity:

1. An image of the Savior found on Media Library:

2. A heart - easy to draw of course, but here's one found in the Media Library:

3. Popiscle sticks - you can find these at the craft store or in the craft section of many stores for just a few bucks.