Friday, September 26, 2014

General Conference Bingo Emphasizing Singing Time!

For those of you not familiar with Conference Squares ... the church makes them for families to print out to use during General Conference. The concept is the same as Bingo. Children can put a Starburst or some other fun piece of candy on their square when the topic comes up during a conference talk. The church has seven different versions that you can print out.

I made a similar version to Conference Squares based on the songs that we are singing in the Primary program this year. We will give each primary child a General Conference activity packet, which will include these two new Singing Time Conference Squares. Every column is themed to one of the songs, and the song name is at the head of the column. I hope this will help them to see parallels between what they have learned through music, through sharing time lessons, and through General Conference.

Since two of the songs are optional, your ward may be singing a slightly different set of songs, but the themes will be the same, regardless, since even the optional songs should be based on the lesson theme for the month that the song was taught!

Download from Box

Download from Box.

You can print them by right-clicking on the images above, or you can download the jpgs here.