Saturday, March 10, 2012

Watching for SIGNS - "Stand for the Right" by being TRUE!

My goal for this Sunday is to review "Stand for the Right," placing special emphasis on teaching them what the song means when it says to "Be true, be true and stand for the right." I also want time to review the other songs we have been working on since January, "Choose the Right," "As a Child of God," and "I Often Go Walking."


What Does it Mean to "Be True?"
Introduce the activity/lesson for the day by talking about "Stand for the Right," and asking if someone can explain what it means in the song to "Be True." Talk about what it means to be true, and about how if we listen carefully, the prophet guides us and gives us ways to help us be true.

Put an image of a road up on the board, as well as a picture of the prophet. Then, add signs around the road. While doing this, talk about how there are signs everywhere, and that signs often protect us and guide us. Point out some of the signs, for example, the "Children Walking" sign that reminds drivers that there are children in the area. Talk about how President Monson gives us instruction that works as signs for us to help us "Be True, Be True."

Talk about how President Monson lists six road signs for our safety (from "Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice: Follow the Signs").

Read the quote, where President Monson says, "May I offer you six road signs which, when observed and followed, will guide you to safety."

Then, have the children match the road signs specifically made for quotes from the prophet. There are so many ways to do this but for this Sunday, I think I will go with:

  • Junior Primary - Put the signs up on the board but away from the quote. Read a quote out loud and ask for volunteers to match the quote to the sign. Write songs on the back of each song that the children will sing after they choose that correct sign.
  • Senior Primary - Pass out the quotes. Ask a child to read their quote. Then ask children to find the matching sign on the board. Sing the song listed behind the sign. Write songs on the back of each song that the children will sing after they choose that correct sign.
  • Bonus - Have children choose one of the "real" road signs on the board, which will have a fun way to sing the long listed behind the sign (staccato, crescendo/decrescendo, clap it out, etc.)

I am using the following songs for the following signs:

  • good friends - "Stand for the Right"
  • parental guidance - "I Often Go Walking" 
  • study the gospel - "Choose the Right" vs. 1
  • obey the commandments - "Choose the Right" vs. 1-2
  • serve with love - "As a Child of God"
  • pray with purpose - "Love is Spoken Here"
I saved the quotes and matching signs (to cut out) in a PDF, which you can download here.


Credits for this Idea
I stumbled onto the "Follow the Signs" article I read above and came up with the road signs lesson, but I originally was planning to go with conversation bubbles only, which is an idea that was inspired by posts on multiple blogs this week. The idea morphed from blog to blog (including mine!) but originally revolved around using conversation bubbles to discuss the ways the prophet has taught us to "Be True." This fit in perfectly with my desire to share another story about what it means to "be true," but was so much better.

I realized that the idea is from an October 2001 Friend magazine article specifically for this song, as quoted here:

2. Music Presentation: Review the song “Stand for the Right” (CS, p. 159). Display a picture of President Hinckley (GAK 520). Give each older class a different statement from his October general conference addresses. Give young classes a picture representing something the prophet asked us to do. Have each class choose a spokesperson to explain what the prophet said. Post the quotes or pictures under his picture. Sing “Stand for the Right.” Explain that whenever we choose to do what the prophet asks us to do, we are being true and are standing for the right.

However, I do want to credit where I found the first recent version of the conversation idea, which was listed on by Jessica Dahlquist, who morphed some great ideas from Kathleen Mower of The Children Sing blog - I followed the trail back to the October 2001 Friend.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing ideas! It helps soooo much! You're awesome!!!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to say something. I'm so glad to hear this was helpful!

  3. Thank you very much i am from Brasil and just was called as primary chorister. I freaked out, i am still learning the language and was called to such an important calling! I came online to look for help.. i not great on having good ideas.. or being creative, im very thankfull to people like you when share knownloedge and creativity. I am using that idea tomorrow, thank you!

  4. You have the right attitude; you will be awesome! One tip I've learned is that junior primary goes much more quickly than senior primary so don't worry if you run out of time and have to cut the lesson short in junior primary. You don't have to get through every sign. In some cases, I have taken two weeks to teach a lesson to junior primary so that I am not always teaching the same thing in junior and senior primary. I also keep an "emergency" idea in my bag for weeks when the junior primary just isn't singing. One week, the children weren't paying very good attention so I pulled out a pair of GIANT sunglasses that I bought at the Dollar Store. All of a sudden, everyone was singing because they wanted a chance to wear the glasses!

  5. Thank you!! ITs being really hard i cant deny... but i am doing it hehe and with your help and other sites are making it a little easier for me. I love the big glasses idea, might find some and use in my class too. I have a huge junior class and its hard to keep them all happy... really hard! its about 20- 25 junior kids and 10 seniors....

  6. I have about 50 kids in each! I remember from when I was a primary teacher that they become less reverent when school let out for the year, so it will be interesting to see how things go as we approach summer. I try to walk around and make eye contact. That helps too.