Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thanksgiving Singing Time

I love preparing the children for the Primary Program, and teaching them about the monthly themes through music ... but I also love that small window in November when the Primary kids aren't preparing for a program, and we have a little more time to explore all of the amazing songs in the Children's Songbook.

This is one of the Singing Time activities I like to do every year - have children draw feathers from a basket and help fill in Thomas the Turkey.

The kids love this one - and it's easy to have a fun time, but also encourage reverence because everyone wants a turn. I just say, "I'm drawing names from the jar so that everyone has a chance to be called up ... but if you're not being reverent, I'm going to put your name back into the jar."

This Sunday's Sharing Time is about forgiveness, so I think one easy way to incorporate that is to have a few of these feathers be questions about forgiveness, and songs about forgiveness.