Saturday, December 8, 2012

Three Options for a Christmas Singing Time Activity

Update: I posted pictures for a combo of the first two activities below, here.

I am debating a few different options that will combine a Christmas-themed game with reviewing some songs for the Christmas program, as well as singing other Christmas songs in general.

Find the Nativity game
Put a grid up on the board with a picture of a Christmas bells (or some other Christmas illustration)  in each square. Children choose a bell. The object of the game is to find all the pieces of the nativity.

As children find the pictures depicting the nativity, they can put it on the board and try to assemble the full picture on the board.

I am designing my own nativity but you can find some free ones online to cut out to use for this game. I found two good options here and here.

If children choose a bell with a nativity piece, they get to put it on the board to build it. Otherwise, the bell will have two other possible options behind it: a fun way to sing the primary Christmas program song, or just a different song from the primary singing book, related to Christmas.

I am considering having the nativity pieces also have an activity, whether it is answering a question about the birth of Christ, looking up a scripture related to the nativity story, matching a phrase related to the review song to one on the board, or answering a question about the review song that we are singing on Christmas Sunday.

What's Behind Each Christmas Bell game?
Put a grid up on the board with a picture of a Christmas bells (or some other Christmas illustration)  in each square. Children choose a bell. They will find one of three things on the flip side of the bell:

1) Questions asking them about the song that we have been working on for the Christmas program.
2) A fun way to practice the Christmas program song:
---- a) four corners echo review game
---- b) echo game from one side of the room to the other
---- c) since I am reviewing "He Sent His Son," I'll have the teachers and primary presidency sing the question, and the children sing the answer
3) A picture that depicts one of the songs in the primary music book

Christmas Tic Tac Toe
I've never played Tic Tac Toe with my primary kids before so I thought this would be a good way to review the songs for the Christmas program, but also incorporate other Christmas music.

Instead of Xs and Os, I'll use Christmas Trees and Bells.

When a child chooses a spot in which to take a turn, they have to answer a question about the song "He Sent His Son" in order to earn the spot on the tic tac toe board. If I was not reviewing a song, I would have the questions be about the birth of the Savior. This way, I can instead focus on the meaning of this lovely song that we will be singing during the Christmas program.

If the child gets the question right, they earn the spot, and we will sing a Christmas song that is attached to the song. If they get the question wrong, we will ...

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  1. great ideas!!! im definitly using one f them :) thanks!!