Saturday, May 24, 2014

Singing Time Song Review (and lesson review) for the Last Five Months

** Revised 5/25 evening! Our primary chorister did this today, and as a result, I added some modifications in italics.


This idea is a song review that helps the children to think about what they have learned in the last five months. The game is based on helping to cement the correlation between the sharing time lesson and the singing time lesson for each week, from the last five months.

This game is a Jeopardy of sorts, where each category is from each month, and the answers are from the song. I've put the questions and answers in the chart below. Everything in ( ) is for your reference only, and should not be on the questions that the children see.

Put the headlines and questions up on a board (the items in bold in the table below) and let children decide which paper to flip over to answer.

It's important not to forget to SING during Singing Time so the object of the game would be to figure out the song that each column represents, and then to sing the song. One way to do this is to have them guess and sing the song after getting THREE of the questions in the column answered correctly since you won't have time to get through all of these questions in a 20-minute singing time.

Or, another way is: put different points on the back: 100, 200, 300, etc. If the children want to guess and sing the song for a column they can earn an additional 500 points. Tell them the goal is to, as a group, get up to 3000 points by the end of singing time. I strongly discourage making this a competition against each side of the room. It tends to drive the spirit out of the room, and I assume for that reason, we are counseled not to use competitions in our lessons. However, if you give them a group goal, they have fun with it, without the meanness that sometimes happens with competition. You can even give them the scenario that they are a big family and you want everyone to make it to the end together, as a family.

*** The children ended up singing less than we would have liked so to get more actual singing in, I would modify this so that the children can guess the song after each question. Give them a few tries to get the answer right and then if they do, let them sing the song. They can still answer the questions in the column, but this way you can ensure more singing.

***** Our awesome chorister added in a "lightning round" where children could answer all of the question in one column and earn a ton of points at once.  This was helpful because there were way more questions than could be answered in 20 minutes.

January –
Heavenly Father Prepared a Way for  Me to Return to His Presence

(34 - "He Sent His Son")
February –
Heavenly Father has a Plan for His Children

(164-165 - "I Will Follow God's Plan")
March- Jesus Christ is Our Savior

(193 - "I Stand All Amazed")
April – The Family is Central to God’s Plan

("The Family is of God")
May – Families are Blessed when they Follow the Prophet

(Ward Primary's Choice, ours is "The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden")
Who did Heavenly Father send to tell the world the pathway we should go? 


(week 2 lesson - Heavenly Father provide a Savior and makes it possible for me to return to his presence)
Where did the plan for my life begin?

Hint: My life has a plan. My life has a purpose; in ______ it began.

(week 1 lesson: Heavenly Father has a plan for his Children)

Our Savior died on the cross. Who did he die for?

(for me! all of us!)
Hint: I tremble to know that for ___ he was crucified.

(week 2 lesson: Through the atonement of Jesus Christ I can repent and be forgiven of my sins.)
Fill in the blank.
The f___ is c_____ to God' plan.

(The family is central to God's plan - week 1 lesson.)
How does God speak to us in modern day? 

(through prophets)
(week 1 lesson)

Hint: (In our primary, the song is "The prophet said to plant a garden" so our hint would be: "In modern-day revelation, who said to plant a garden?"
How could the Father tell the world of sacrifice, of death?

(He sent his son to die for us.)

(week 2 lesson)

What choice did  I make in Heaven?

(to come to this lovely home on earth and seek for God's light to direct me from birth ... or they could just say, "gain a mortal body" :) )

(week 2 lesson: Heavenly Father commanded Jesus Christ to create the earth as a home for his children.)
Where was our Savior before he came to earth to be crucified?

(with our Father in Heaven)
Hint: I marvel that he would descend from __ ___ _____ To rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine.
Why did God give us families?

Hint: "God gave us families to help us become _________ (what he wants us to be.)

(To help us learn how love, serve, and care for each other, and be an example to each other.)
There are many of these in the scriptures that are examples to our families. Some of their names were:
Nephi, Noah, Daniel, Samuel the Lamanite. Who are they? 

(week 2 lesson)
What does the Father ask of us? What do the scriptures say?

(Have faith, have hope, live like his Son, help others on their way.)

(week 4 lesson - I can return to Heavenly Father by following Jesus Christ)
How can I follow God's plan - what do I need to hold fast to?

 (Holding fast to his word and his love ... or they could just say, "obey the commandments, listen to counsel in the scriptures ... etc.) 

(week 4 lesson: Agency is the gift to choose for myself)
Why did the Savior die for us?
Hint: Oh it is wonderful that he should care for me Enough to die for me!

(He cares for us/loves us.)
What are a father and mother's role in the family?

(Week 2 lesson)

Hint: A father's place is to (preside, provide, To love and teach the gospel). A mother's place is to (care, prepare, To nurture and to strengthen all her children).

(To lead and guide the family).
My family will be blessed as we follow who?

(the Prophet)

(week three lesson)

Who does Heavenly Father ask us to live like so that we can return and be with him again some day?

(Live like his Son)

(week 3 lesson - Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me to follow)
In whose footsteps should I follow to be happy on earth. Hint: "I will work, and I will pray; I will always walk in his way. Then I will be happy on earth."

(week 4 lesson)
I can show respect for the Savior by being reverent. Give some examples of how you can be reverent.

(This is from lesson 4 in March.)
What are the children's role in a family?

(week 3 lesson)

Hint: "I'll (love) and (serve) my family and be A good (example) to each fam'ly member."

Answer: Obey parents. Love and serve family.

Who speaks to us every six months at General Conference? 

(the prophet)

(week four lesson)