Friday, June 22, 2012

Learning "Nephi's Courage"

I am finally teaching "Nephi's Courage" this Sunday. I did not have time until now because I wanted to prepare for singing during Sacrament on Father's Day, and then I wanted to do a specific Father's Day singing time activity where we sang other songs. We sang a song that we had not sung in several months yesterday ("Listen with My Heart"), and junior primary had clearly forgotten most of it, so it was a good reminder to try to bring back older songs. I will make a new flip chart for that song to review it too, since I don't have the original flip chart (a different chorister taught it).

I was a primary teacher several years ago when the primary chorister taught "Nephi's Courage," and I remember really loving this song. I'm honored that I get to teach it again. I can't remember what the previous chorister did to teach it, but since I know that at least the senior primary remembers this song, I will have a "What Song Am I?" game. The children should be able to guess this song, since they have sung it before. I expect Senior Primary will catch on faster since they just need a memory jolt, so in their case, I'll plan to do all three verses and add some more fun to it. :)

What Song Am I? Pop the Balloon game
I will put these clues in each balloon, which the children then get to choose and pop with a pin.
1. A scripture that describes part of the song (1 Nephi 3:7)
2. Play the first few notes of the song
3. Name the "characters" of the song and ask them if they recognize what song features these historical figures
4. Describe what principle the song teaches (following the Lord's commandments and having faith in the Lord)
5. A picture that depicts the song

To Introduce the Words of the Song
1. I will talk about the story of Nephi getting the brass plate (possibly have them read more verses), then quote from this article by President Monson.
2. I will ask anyone that knows it to go ahead and sing it with me.
3. I will sing it with the piano one time through so they can hear the story, holding up pictures that go with the song so that the children also have the visual. I will ask them to listen carefully and see if they can answer three questions. (Ask them upfront)

(I will do one verse at a time and only go to verse 2 and 3 if we finish memorizing verse 1 early. Half the song is the chorus so I'll be happy to have them memorize the first two lines and the chorus initially.)
  • What did the Lord ask Nephi to do?
  • Where did Nephi have to go to see Laban? (Inside what?)
  • Who was afraid?

4. I will sing it again and ask the children to tell me how Nephi responded to the Lord's commandments  I will remind anyone that knows the song to sing it with me.

  • Does Nephi say he will obey the Lord's commands or that he won't?
  • Why is Nephi 

4. I will sing it again and ask them to count how many different people are mentioned in the story. (By the way, if you don't want to make your own flip charts, there's a great one on SugarDoodle, here. I happen to have some that a previous chorister made - wa-hoo, flip-chart making break so I'm going to use that one this time.)

Skit the Following Sunday
I would like the children to do a skit with this song, but I think I will focus on learning the basic first. Maybe I will show them some motions and tell them that they are learning the motions for a skit that we will do next week. I think I can round up enough "Nephi" clothes from neighbors.


  1. I so love this idea and thank you for having this blog spot it has everything I've been looking for thank you for answering my prayers. Also thank you for your ability to share your talents with those who are looking for support in their callings!!! Also I am very interested in learning more about what you plan on doing for your skit I would love to do that in a few weeks with my Junior and senior primary

    1. I'm so glad I could help. Thanks for the taking the time to leave such a nice note! I didn't end up doing the skit but my thought was to actually read some of the scriptures and have the children act out the scenes, the sing the songs. They love getting dressed up and being able to come to the front of the room and participate!