Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Choose a Bell and Create a Nativity!

I just wanted to share the pictures that I painted (water color) and laminated for last week's Primary Singing Time activity. This was my original art, and I have not used water colors in about a decade, so I was pleased with the way it turned out.

For the bells, I printed this free download, two per sheet. You can find free nativities to print yourself. I chose a few to share in last week's post, but you could always just use a real nativity. I did that last year, so this was my way of changing it up.

I did not have time to set everything up quite the way that I had planned but basically, I told the children that I had painted something for them, and that they would earn a piece of the painting to put up on the board after they completed the task on each bell. The tasks were either questions about lyrics of the song, or to sing a certain song or verse of a song. That's it!

I did not have time to finish this in junior primary so we will continue this activity next week. In senior primary, we completed almost the entire nativity so I put up the few remaining pieces so that they could see the finished painting. I used velcro stickers so that the children could attach the pieces to the nativity board by themselves.

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