Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some Nice Participation Tricks

We had a sub in Singing Time last week (she has some sort of degree in teaching music to children), and I like how she worked with the primary.

She had them pat out the rhythm on their laps, which we've done before, but then she had them pat their hands against their head, after saying, "Now we want to make sure to get that into your heads so tap out the rhythm on your heads!"

Next, she told them they were the Tabernacle Choir and asked them to sit up straight, sit at the edge of their chairs, and "rise!" Then she had them sing beautifully as if they were the Tabernacle Choir. I was so impressed by how reverent they were for her, and how beautifully they sang. I love that she had them sit up straight and at the edge of their seats, though.

She also did something I always do, which is that if I motion for them to rise, and they are sloppy about it, I have them try several times until they get it right. It's a subtle way to help them get their wiggles out, too.

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