Wednesday, December 30, 2015

If I Listen with My Heart - flip chart and mini books

"If I Listen with My Heart," by Sally DeFord was one of the first songs I learned as a new Primary chorister. Since this song, which is the January Primary theme song, is not as readily available (it is not in the Children's Songbook), I thought it would be fun to make mini books that you can fold and share with the children.

I made two versions. Version 1 allows the children to color in the pictures. These pictures are from the LDS Coloring Pages online. I love how it states, "Line art allows children to express creativity while learning gospel principles." This is exactly why I wanted to make a coloring book version of the mini pages. The second version is full color and probably more appealing for the older children that are not as interested in coloring anymore.

Both versions are included in this document. Mouse over and click on the down arrow to download.

HOW TO FOLD THE MINI-BOOK - Instructions in a previous blog post here.

These mini books use artwork with copyright by the LDS church and, as stated with the artwork and on the mini-book, are for personal, church-related, noncommercial use.

Here is the flip chart that matches the images used in the mini book:

Have fun teaching this song!

One thought - we are so busy being fun and creative that sometimes, it's a novelty to go back to the tried and true method of putting a flip chart up on the chalkboard (one verse so it's not too overwhelming), and flipping over one page at a time until they have memorized the verse. So, if you're coming out of a busy holiday, relax, and put the flip chart up on the board. You can toss a fuzzy ball to see which child decides which page to flip over, just to keep it interesting.

Also, as I've learned at various training sessions, don't forget that three times is the charm. So, sing the song to them once, have them sing the song with the words in front of them twice - and then start trying to memorize.


  1. I love the mini books, thanks. I'm excited to share this with the kids. You overachievers make us slackers look good he he.

  2. Help! We have suddenly combined jr and sr singing time. How do you engage a 3 year old without losing an 11 year old? Thank you for any suggestions.

    1. Hi Cristi,

      I don't envy you!

      I recommend focusing on movement. I have found that both junior and senior children respond well to different movement activities. For example, you can ask everyone to help you make up a movement for "Listen" and "Heart." The older children are more likely to provide an answer than a Sunbeam, but all of the children will copy you in learning that motion to go with that song. The words of the song are easier to learn that way, yet it is still fun for everyone (including teachers) to participate.

      Or, have the children hold something up for different words, like a heart for whenever they hear "heart." Both senior and junior respond to this - you can make it harder for senior by giving them more items to hold up, or giving them more challenges (if you're eight or older you have to hold up the heart AND pat your head AND sing at the same time)

      For something like a flip chart, consider having the younger children come up to hold the chart. The older kids like doing this too, but I think you can focus more on having the little ones come up as long as you give the older kids a turn once in a while.

      I tend to try to combine motion and visuals when I'm worried about different age groups. If a sunbeam is up front twirling around, I'll just grab them and involve them in whatever I'm doing, even if it wasn't planned. Hope this helps - just a few thoughts off the top of my head.

      There are definitely certain activities I wouldn't be able to do in a combined setting, but stuff like that, or "Erupting Cups" (see link on right) is great for everyone.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I love your ideas, especially the flipchart. I took your idea for the mini book and made it all coloring pages for General Conference. Wouldn't have thought of it without you, thanks! I made sure to give you credit!

    1. What a great idea, Kasi. Thanks for sharing!!