Saturday, September 7, 2013

Song Review! Bringing Back Erupting Cups (think baking soda volcanos)

I dreamed last night that I brought the supplies for Erupting Cups but forgot the baking soda. In my dream, I rushed home to collect the missing ingredients, and through a series of unfortunate events, a five-minute trip took 40 minutes, so that Junior Primary was over by the time I returned! It was horrible. In my dream, I was scolding myself, "You know how to switch up the plans at the last minute. Why were you so stubborn about keeping to this one?"

Either way ... I think I will stick to my dream and bring in Erupting Cups tomorrow. The children are still getting used to the start of a new school year, and a new church schedule (our stake switches schedules with the school year) so this will be a fun way to keep them interested and to work on quirks in the song that we need to address.

You can get the full instructions for how to do this activity from the post when I did this last May.

I actually dreamed last night that I molded a volcano for this but that's a little overkill. The kids love this activity as is - no need to make it even crazier.

I will spend extra time on some of these songs.

For example:

For "A Child's Prayer," I still haven't combined the Junior Primary into a duet yet, so I think I will split the children from the teachers and have them sing a duet that way.

For "An Angel Came to Joseph Smith," I never had a chance to teach the Junior Primary the last verse so I will do that.

For "If the Savior Stood Beside Me," I noticed some of the children singing "Reverently" when they should be singing "Righteously," so I will remind them about that and see if we can correct the issue once and for all.

I am also going to start a chart with this review so that we can make notes that the whole class can see about what they need to work on for each song, around lyrics, volume, and expressing the mood of the song (we just call it "gusto" but that is misleading). 

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  1. My friend just did this in primary!! The kids loved it so much. Since my kids didn't get a turn doing it, I did it for an FHE lesson. It was fun because I didn't tell Aaron about the baking soda, so when the last one erupted, it was a fun surprise!