Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another Singing Time Review for 2013 Primary Program: Pictionary

I have some special arrangements I am working on for the Primary Program but I have not talked to the parents yet, so in the meantime, I'm going to work on some trouble spots with the lyrics for Junior Primary. Senior Primary is ready and needs a break so I'm playing the same game with them, but I'm adding in songs from last year for variation.

I will play Pictionary with the class and have the teachers be the artists. I'm not exactly sure how much time I need, and I want the children to be reverent, so I have some tentative rules in mind that I might alter as I see how it goes.

** Update, post-primary. This worked great. I ended up giving teachers about 40 seconds each - that was plenty of time to draw and complete their pictures. I let the winning class choose another class to sing the first verse solo (at the front of the room) and did that whole way through, asking the primary to join in after the first verse for every song. It was so fun, and my primary president gave me feedback that she liked seeing so much participation from the teachers.

I think Junior Primary would enjoy this game too, but since they are behind by two lesson plans, I will play the picture game that I planned for last week with them instead of the Pictionary game that I have below. If I have time later, I will let them catch up with this game on a future Sunday.

1. I will have the names of all the songs in the primary program written on pieces of paper. For Senior Primary, I will mix in other songs form the program.

2. I will call on a teacher of a reverent class to come up (and make a point of explaining that I chose a reverent class).

3. The teacher will draw a song from the "bucket" without showing anyone else. If there are two teachers, they can come up and draw together.

4. The teacher has 30 seconds to draw a picture depicting the words on the paper.

5. The class for which the teacher belongs will whisper together and have one opportunity to guess.

6. The teacher has another 30 seconds to add to the drawing if the children still don't know the song.

7. The class has a second opportunity to guess. At that point, the teacher can have more time to keep drawing, but then the entire primary can guess the song.

8.  If the class correctly chooses the song, we'll sing the song in a fun way.

9. If the entire primary has to help, then we'll choose a class from another bucket and that class gets to sing a solo verse, and then the rest of the primary will join in.

If you have played Pictionary or something similar with your primary before, I would love any input on how you make this game a success. Part of the reason I am having the teachers draw instead of the children is that I think they can help with drawing reverent depictions, and that it's a nice change from having the children come up.

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