Thursday, June 14, 2012

Song Review and Father's Day

Last week, I prepared the kids to sing for Father's Day by doing something very similar to what I did for a Mother's Day song review.

This week, I am going to do a Father's Day activity that I found online at Priming Singing Time. The blogger says, "This year I walked around the building taking pictures of Dad's hands and writing down their favorite primary song.  It's really easy and you can show the pictures on a laptop or tablet, or print them out.  The idea is to have the kids guess who's hands they are, and see if they can recognize their own Dad's hands."

Rather than choosing random fathers in the ward, I took pictures of the primary teachers who are men since I didn't want to worry about primary children being upset that their dad was included in the mix.

This way, I have some fathers, grandfathers, and those who plan to be fathers one day in the mix. I kept a notepad with me and wrote down the name of the favorite song and the name of the teacher so that I could keep all of my pictures in order. 

Since I just took pictures of one hand, in most cases, I encouraged the father to use the hand with a watch or wedding ring so that it was more distinctive. I guess I could have done what the original blogger did, and take pictures of both hands at once, but honestly, it just didn't occur to me at the time.

I asked each teacher their favorite primary song, and then made sure to create flip charts for the songs that were selected that we have not sung in a while, or that I'm not even sure if the children know. I am keeping things fun by presenting each song in different ways.

For example, I drew onto a poster board for "I Wonder When He Comes Again,":

I also cut out a flip chart I found on SugarDoodle and made it into a poster (because I have so many flip charts). This is for "I Lived in Heaven."

There are so many great flip charts online. I sometimes don't particularly love a picture so I'll make my own, or mix mine with someone else's flip chart. In this case, I liked this flip chart for a "Child's Prayer" but I wanted the words on there since I know I won't have time to teach the songs this week. So, I just made some adjustments to add the words. (Thanks to Carrie on SugarDoodle for the original flipchart.)

I already had materials for some of the other songs that fathers selected, so I was able to save time on not having to make those ones again.

For instance, I have had the children sing, "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission," before using these objects:

I am super excited that one of the father selected "I Am Like a Star." This is such a short song that they will learn it fast, with some fun motions, or with sign language. I am debating which to do right now.

There are some other songs on the list as well ... looking forward to a fun Sunday!

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