Friday, October 11, 2013

Review Song Game: Find the Butterfly (or Turkey or Pumpkin) ...

I'm playing a simple "find the butterfly" game this Sunday.

This is from an activity I planned two years ago and never had time to fit in - but modified. I want to share the original way I planned to play this game, as well as the modified version. One version is better for reviewing songs for the program, while the other version is better if you've completed the program and have a little more time.

This can clearly be adapted to any image but I originally made it for a Spring Activity. I've noticed the bright, bold colors tend to appeal to the younger children.

How it Works
Each petal, stem, and each section of grass is attached to the poster board with Velcro stickers. Children can "pluck" an item off the board to determine the next song.

Version 1 - Find the Butterfly and You Choose the Song
  • If a child chooses a petal with a butterfly behind it, they get to pick a song to sing. 
  • If a child chooses a petal with two butterflies behind it (that are attached together), their teacher gets to pick a song to sing.

This is a fun way to sing a variety of songs from throughout the year, not just the songs in the primary program. You can write some of the songs from this year's program and other well know songs behind various pedals and leafs.

Version 2 - Find the Butterfly and Win a Prize

I have given out treats a total of one or possibly two times my entire time as primary chorister because I generally don't want to resort to bribery or bring candy into the room as a way to get their attention. For that reason though, I am comfortable making an exception - because it is so rare.

  • If a child chooses a petal with a butterfly behind it, they earn one Starburst for each child and teacher in the room. I will tell the children that I'll count up how many they earned and give them to the teachers to hand out after the sharing time lesson. Obviously, I don't want them singing with a Starburst in their mouth, nor would the sharing time teacher appreciate hearing rustling paper while she teaches the lesson. I specifically chose the Starburst because of the program song, "Every Star is Different."
  • If a child chooses a petal with two butterflies behind it, they earn a sticker in Junior Primary. I'm not sure what they will earn in Senior Primary but I'm thinking the eleven-year-olds might not be very impressed with a sticker - maybe they get a different piece of candy.
I have to make this modification instead of going with Version 1 because we don't have time to sing extra songs if we are getting ready for the primary program. The children that are playing the piano in the program all need the opportunity to practice with the children so this method ensures I have time to focus on the children and their piano playing.

I plan to stop them and fix issues in the songs where we reach them, and just make a point of making sure each song is fine-tuned and ready for the program. I could do this just by itself but I hope the spring flowers adds a little bit of attention-getting variety without taking too much additional time. It will also encourage them to be reverent and participate because they of course will not be allowed to participate if they are not being reverent.

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