Sunday, July 14, 2013

Every Star is Different, Continued

I'm back! Sorry for the unintended absence. Life got a bit ahead of me recently. The one that I want to mention - my grandmother passed away last week in her sleep, which lead to a funeral and an impromptu family reunion. Grandma was an amazing woman who raised a tight-knit family across three major countries. She was a talented artist that raised two generations of family that all love art in one form or another. She raised children that are still taking care of each other, even though they are now grandparents themselves. I am so grateful for her elegance and the love she showed me all my life.

This Sunday
I wanted to continue reviewing "Every Star is Different" and I didn't have much time to prepare so I found a pre-made flip chart that had great images, thanks to JollyJenn, who, if you've never visited, is probably the largest resource of flip charts for LDS primary music. I often have something different in mind so I'll make my own flip chart or surf for other charts, but I really like how she handled this song because I can talk about why Jenn chose certain images for the chart with the children.

I also went to SugarDoodle to see how others had taught this song and found some great thoughts here. Sarah Harris had some ideas that were similar to what I had done the first week that I taught this, but I loved her new idea to use a disco ball to show how all of our lights together add up. I happen to have a small disco ball ornament so this takes no effort for me (yeah, I don't have to make a disco ball!). I will also bring in different colors of lights and different sizes of lights to emphasize how we are all different but how our light creates a greater light when we serve others and choose to be like our Savior.

Senior Primary already memorized the first line and chorus of this song with the brick game that I used the first week that I taught this song (super fun!) but we didn't have time to get very far in Junior Primary so we will begin learning the song in Junior Primary.

In Junior Primary, I will focus on the bridge portion of the song "A shining star, shining brightly ..." by following these tried and true methods:
1. Ask them to count how many times they sing "shining."
2. Have them start covering up flip chart pictures as they memorize a line.
3. Have them stand up and sit down every time they sing "shining"
4. Disco ball example I mentioned above
5. I am considering a method I have heard of before, where I have each class be an expert on a line of the song. Everyone hears me teach it to them so it helps everyone to memorize it, but each class feels like they have a special responsibility.

In Senior Primary, I will focus on reviewing the first verse and bridge, and learning the last verse:
1. I will put up the flip chart and discuss the pictures and words with them, and basically review the first verse and chorus of the song with them.
2. I may share the story about the little girl who is deaf and her conversation with a boy who had no legs, from near the end of Neil L. Andersen's talk, "You Know Enough" from General Conference October 2008. I may discuss with them the different ways we are different: physical, personality, talents, what we have etc. and that no matter our differences, our Heavenly Father loves us and knows that we can each contribute in our own ways
3. Disco ball example I mentioned above
4. I will have them start covering up flip chart pictures as they memorize a line.

Thanks everyone. I started this blog for so many different reasons but when I get busy, it's easy to not want to post - except that I see your comments and how many of you visit, and it makes me want to share!!


  1. Thank you for sharing. I have returned to your blog many times to jump start my planning sessions and always find a few treasures.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Pam! I'm so glad :)