Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bring out the Bells! Father's Day Preparation: "Love is Spoken Here" and "The Dearest Names"

Change of plans: I moved working on "When I Am Baptized" to Father's Day ... possibly mixed in with some Father's Day activities. You can see the preparation I made for this song here

Today, I'm bringing out the Singing Time bells.

I have access to a large format printer (LFP) so I printed out a PDF of the song Love is Spoken Here and wrote all the notes above the music. I have found that it works very well if I label the name of the bell above the word of the song, then also point to the words as we sing :) I usually only do this in Senior Primary, because Junior Primary is always playing catch-up. I love that I can repeat this song several times to help cement this song into their minds, while the children wait for their turn with the bells. Everyone gets a turn.

If we have time, we'll work on Dearest Names, too. I made this last year, before I had access to a LFP. See how I introduced the song here

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