Friday, May 31, 2013

Learning "When I Am Baptized" ... and preparing for Father's Day

This is at least the third year in a row that my primary children have learned or reviewed "When I Am Baptized" for the primary program, AND for many it is their favorite so this is a song they know and love.

I will re-teach this song to the Junior Primary to give the Sunbeams a chance to learn the song as well. Most of Junior Primary knows this song though, so I will spend a lot of time working Father's Day songs - just reviewing the songs with the actions, mostly.

Senior Primary

In Senior Primary, I will ask the children what a rainbow represents, then have them look up the scripture referenced with the song, but otherwise, I am not going to spend any time teaching it to Senior Primary because they know the lyrics very, very well.

Senior Primary needs a quick review of the second Father's Day song we are going to sing so I'll bring out my bells and have them sing and play "Dearest Names" and "Love is Spoken Here."

Junior Primary

Last year, I had the class help me make actions for the song. This is one of their all-time favorite activities so if you haven't tried this, I highly, highly recommend recommend this method. However, I don't want to do that every single time, especially when I already did this last year for the same song.

This year, I am making rainbow sticks for Junior Primary.

Bulgaria perform during the Group All-Around Rhythmic Gymnastics Final
My rainbow sticks were inspired by the London 2012 Olympics ribbon twirling competition, and I've been waiting to use them in June. However,  as I went to find this picture on the left, I realized that there are a LOT of ribbon wands on the Internet that people have invented and re-invented for weddings, birthday parties, and all sorts of fun events. I think this is a popular choice for many primary choristers, too. Therefore, you might want to look around for other ideas on how to make the wands and how to use them with the song. My version is a fast, simple, and cheap version. I have seen some fancier versions since I made mine. I looked into screwing a hook into a dowel but the dowel was too slim, and I was worried it would split the wood, but I have since seen others succeed at this. I didn't check to see what they did ... Here's my version, including a couple of tricks to be efficient and simple:

These are some of the actions I am going to teach, which are repeated throughout the song:

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