Monday, June 17, 2013

Singing Time - Moving the Kids Around

I meant to post this last week (wrote it, never hit "Publish") ...

I strayed quite a bit from my original plans last week just based on time and what felt right, so I wanted to share a bit because it was a lot of fun and no prep time.

The intent last week was to review songs that they would be singing today in Sacrament. I didn't want the kids getting restless and bored so I made one simple change to give it a different feel: I had them stand up and move to the front of the room and pretend that we were in the chapel, then sing the song. I particularly wanted them to do this because we are singing "Love is Spoken Here" today so I wanted them to practice standing with all boys together, and all girls together. I think feeling like they were doing something different kept them interested and motivated.

Then, I had someone in the primary presidency walk down the hallway. The kids could see her walking down the hallway since they were now facing the back of the room. I told them that if they sang loudly enough, she might walk right out of the church building because she was going to keep walking until she couldn't hear them anymore. It was so fun, and the kids sang with SO MUCH VOLUME!

I also played my go-to echo game, except that rather than moving the kids to each corner of the room, I just sang two measures of the song, had half the room echo the same two measures of the song, and then had the second half of the room echo the same two measures of the song again. This meant one echo less, but more volume per echo. I chose this for a quick way to re-teach a song in Junior Primary and review a song they learned a year ago in Senior Primary.

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