Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Sunday Before the Program

We did a mock walk-through the Sunday before our Primary Program, which is this Sunday, so I did not have time to do an actual activity.

However, I brought out my Halloween Singing Time Prompts to help inspire the children to sing better.


I drew some of these last year, but I added the werewolf and pumpkin this year. These are my original doodles - you are welcome to right-click to print them up yourself! Your version would be smaller than mine, but you can cut them out and attached them to sticks to hold up.

I said stuff like, "This is Mumbling Mummy. I can't hear what he is saying very well because his mouth is covered. If [a counselor I asked to hold up the pics] holds up Mumbling Mummy, that means you sound like him. You don't want to see Mumbling Mummy come up."

Bored Bat says "gusto" next to him because when I drew this bat last year, we had just had a singing time activity about singing with more gusto.

"Say What?" Werewolf needs you to sing more loudly because he can't hear you, because you are singing too quietly.

Proud Pumpkin is very pleased because you are singing with volume, saying your lyrics clearly, singing with energy, and watching the chorister.

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