Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Primary Colors

I just posted what I am teaching this Sunday, but I decided to add a comment about the song I selected for opening exercises ... because I decided to save it for a new Wiggle song in Junior. We can just sing it with a flip chart in Senior.

Although I remember singing many different songs in primary when I was a child, "Our Primary Colors" is the only one that I vaguely remember learning!

I was looking around today for a pre-made flipchart, since I just didn't want to make my own this time, and I ended up reading this cute idea about the song, from Sugar Doodle, buried in the blog comments section!

#1 Guest 2010-02-12 22:12
I use this as a wiggle song. I hope I can explain how we do it. If it is a girls choice she gets to decide if the girls are red or blue. Teachers are always yellow. So if the girls choose red they stand up when you say one and red and when they get to the message of red only the girls stand and sing, the teachers stand when we sing 2 and yellow and stand and sing the yellow message. Then the boys would stand on 3 and blue and stand and sing the blue message. Then everyone stands and sings the last line all together. This is one of the favorites.

So cute!

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