Monday, April 2, 2012

Singing Dice with an Easy Easter Theme

I needed a substitute for primary last week, but did not want to lose progress with my primary children. I had planned to begin a new song, but instead, wanted them to at least be reviewing the songs that we have been learning for the last few months.


This is what I consider to be an old chorister favorite - dice! I think the Primary Manual even references this idea in the short section for choristers. I have been wanting to make these dice for a while now. I think they make a great activity, but also liked the idea of having them around for back-up, and for substitutes.

I was going to create dice for three different features but decided to honor Easter by putting the third option inside of Easter eggs.

My first choice substitute (J.P.) said, "yes," when I asked her, so I was very happy. She's a talented musician, and I thought she'd be great with the kids. I let her know that the activity was optional, but went ahead and shared the above with her as an optional activity.

The funny thing is that she told me later that her husband was asked to substitute for the chorister in ward choir on the same day. We have a lot of musical talent in our ward but somehow, both of us choristers went to the same family for our first choice substitute!

I have a lovely Easter tree that I wanted to work into my activity for Easter Sunday, too, but I don't think I will have enough time so it will have to wait another year. I'm actually going to be using the "I Think When I Read that Sweet Story" song from my previous post, but with a few Easter-y alterations to focus more strongly on the Savior. More to come ...

Dice 1: What song we will sing. 
Choose the Right
As a Child of God
I Often Go Walking
Stand for the Right
Child's Choice
Teacher's Choice

Dice 2: What verse we will sing.
Verse 1
Verse 2. If no verse 2, then sing verse 1 twice.
Verse 3. If no verse 3, then sing verse 2.
Verse 1.
Verse 2. If no verse 2, then sing verse 1 twice.
Verse 3. If no verse 3, then sing verse 1.

Easter Eggs: How to sing the song.
Crescendo and Decrescendo
Backwards (face the back of the room)
Standing on one foot
Pianist's choice
Teacher's choice (prepare some suggestions in advance so you don't catch a teacher off guard)
Echo (Have one side sing, and then the other side echo the song)
Snapping fingers
Clapping hands

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