Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Sunday: I Think When I Read that Sweet Story Flip Chart and Book

I posted my idea for introducing "I Think When I Read that Sweet Story" in my previous post. I think I am going to change it up a bit, though, so I can spend more time highlighting Easter Sunday.

You'll need the flip chart for a giant book and the mini books that I shared in my previous post to teach part or all of this lesson.

I talked about my giant book in my last post but I finally made it here. You can see the giant book below, along with some of the mini books:

I found that if you buy two of the the half-sized poster boards that are now more commonly available, and fold them in half, that you then have enough for one flip chart with no words, or the words typed up in a smaller font than in the flip chart I made ... OR ... you can buy four half-sized poster boards and put the words on one side and the pictures on the other. I just put a few staples in the "binding" to hold the book together, but you can punch a few holes and use some pretty string.

I deliberately excluded all the words from the giant book because of how I rearranged my original flip chart and mini book plans, but it would be easy to add the words too.

Here's the plan:

1. I'll talk about Easter and reference a General Conference talk from last weekend.

2. I'll read the children my special Easter book (the giant book) without using any words. I'll stop to talk about some of the lines of the song with them.

I'll ask them:

a) Why would they want Jesus' hands place on their hand?

b) What does it mean to call children like lambs to his fold?

3. I'll then pass out my Easter gift to them to help them remember Easter this Sunday and have them sing the song with me while reading the words of the song. This gives me an excuse to give them a little Easter present that is very appropriate for Easter Sunday.

4. Once they've sung the song through once, I'm going to tell them I want to see if anyone can come up and recite the whole song using my book that has no words. I'll tell them we'll sing it one more time again so they can think about it. Then, I'll have volunteers come up.

5. I will also give them the incentive that if they are good and sing well, I will let them fold another mini book all by themselves (senior primary only). I am working on two others right now, coming soon ... I really want the senior primary kids to have an opportunity to fold their own mini book but I think maybe I'll let them see a folded one first, and save folding it themselves for next time, since I was able to fold so many during General Conference!

If I have any time left, I am going to have them work on their Mother's Day songs. I also plan to point out the songs that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang during conference that are the songs that I know that the children have learned, just to make them aware of the music around them. I might even point out the dynamics and the different ways they sing the songs in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

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