Saturday, October 21, 2017

Article of Faith Songs

Do your Primary kids know the Article of Faith songs in the Children's Songbook? I admit the tunes seem a little strange if you aren't familiar with them but our ward has been learning the song the same way for over a decade, and it works really well!

We just include it in opening exercises. Each week, one of the assigned opening exercises activities is that a child will stand up, read the Article of Faith, say "Please stand," and then hold the Article of Faith toward the Primary so that everyone can read it.

The Primary chorister then stands up, leads the children in singing the song, and that's it. The songs have strange tunes but by the end of the month, everyone knows the tune and most of them have inadvertently memorized the scripture.

I've been in Primary for about seven years straight now (first as Primary chorister then as Primary president) so I know these Article of Faith songs really well and have come to love the tunes. I think #8 is my favorite tune.

Anyway, just a suggestion. And, if your ward primary is already doing this, or even if it's not, you can combine with your presidency and have a fun singing time/sharing time activity like we did last week, around the Articles of Faith:

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