Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Will Follow God's Plan - week 3

This week's sharing time lesson is "The Body is Created in the Image of God."

I would love to review "I Will Follow God's Plan" by focusing on this theme.

The object will be to review the words of the song, but we can use a set of cards that emphasizes different features about the body in a sensitive way. Print these out onto cards, and have kids come up and draw them.

For example:

All of the boys in the room, please stand up. Let's have the tallest three boys in the room come to the front. All right, we're going to start singing this song, and when we pause, you need to fill in the blank together.

Before you end for the day, make sure to tell them that we are all different from each other, but we were all created in the image of God.

Other features you could use:

1. Darkest curls. (Have everyone with curly hair stand up. Have the three with the darkest curls come to the front of the room.)
2. If you can curl your tongue. (Choose that your praise for being reverent to come up.)
3. If you have a hitchhiker's thumb.
4. If you can wiggle your eyebrows.
5. A child that is being really reverent (just throw that in every once in a while).
6. Red hair
7. Dark brown hair (and you are wearing red today ... + ... to narrow it down)
8. Light brown hair
9. Brown eyes
10. Blue, green, or grey eyes
11. etc. ...

To add a visual to this, every time they come up, you could have them build a visual, like cutting out a tasteful picture of one of the heroes from the scriptures, to assemble together in a puzzle on the chalkboard, to build a picture of someone that was made in the image of God. 

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