Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Singing Time Olympics

I timed the Singing Time Olympics to start the first Sunday of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

I haven't worked everything out yet but wanted to throw up a quick post so that if you want to do the same, you can start preparing now, since this coming Sunday will be the first Sunday of our primary Olympic games!

This is basically a singing time review but to make it fun, I'm bringing in three "official" judges that will hold up score cards after the children sing each song. My stake primary music leader mentioned this idea several months ago; its one that other wards in our stake have done before, as well as other wards outside of our stake. I'm not sure of the specifics so that's the fun part where I get to make stuff up and blog about it :)

I have seen a singing time activity that brought in three judges before, for a different type of activity, so I expect from past experience that this will be quite a bit of fun, but also, that I will be able to maintain a respect and reverence for the music we will be singing.

For now, ask three people in your ward to come be judges for this coming Sunday. I ended up with our ward choir director, ward choir pianist, and our counselor over the primary, who happens to be extremely musically gifted. Therefore, all three are talented music people. I also like that two of them have children in the primary, and that I have a mix of male and female judges that I know our children will like.

More to come ... for now, I am creating:
- score cards for the judges to take notes and for the children to see that they mean business!
- score cards to hold up for the children
- a chart so the children can see their overall score

I also ordered gold medals off Amazon to distribute at the end. YOU HAVE TIME to do this still because this activity will be stretched out over at least two Sundays, maybe three! I did a TON of research trying to find the best prices for some gold medals, including making them myself with canning lids and patriotic ribbon, making them with foil-wrapped cookies (but I like to avoid food), and making them with washers from the hardware store. I also checked all the local and online party stores. Anyway, order these now - I received them in less than a week so if you order ASAP, you'll have them in time to present Gold medals to all of your primary kids while the real Olympics are happening.

I do think designing and laminating medals might have been the second cheapest option but the lamination paper, and cutting everything up, would take a lot of time.

Anyway, this was by far the best price I could find both in terms of money and time: 72 gold medals for $23.94 on

More to come as I put together the visual aids for this activity, and the specifics about what to do this Sunday vs. next ...

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