Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trip Around the World Recap

If you're trying to decide how to introduce "If the Savior Stood Beside Me," then check out my last post.

If you're looking for a fun review activity, I just want to show how what I envisioned for today's singing time review turned out:

These are all the places where our ward has missionaries right now; two of which returned just this month. I had all the pictures turned around so that children could come up and choose which song to turn over. I then told them something interesting about the image I featured, the country (or U.S. state) in which it was found, and the name of the missionary that is currently serving in that location.

The children loved being called up. I assigned a song and a fun way to sing each song to each picture, e.g., sing "Stand for the Right" in staccato. I of course made sure to sing, "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" once, as that was the theme of this singing time - things around the world that show how our Heavenly Father loves us.

Senior primary was very motivated and intrigued. Junior primary liked it took, but I wish I had brought my giant glasses so that I could tell children that I was going to look for a super singer to come up to choose the next picture to turn over, and to wear the super singer glasses, instead of just choosing names for the Helping Hands jar.

The Boab tree in Australia and the Cock-of-the-Rock bird in Peru were probably some of the favorites.

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