Friday, February 17, 2012

Choose the Right Memorizing Game - February 2012 - Week 2

I am debating a few different ways to review Choose the Right since we really sang it pretty fast last time before we ran out of time, and then we had a "break" from primary because of Stake Conference. This is also the Sunday before Valentines, so I would love to incorporate some sort of "heart" theme. I obviously don't want to take away from the gospel here but I also found some great Valentines ideas at for which I might use bits and pieces. For example, there's an idea there about talking about how Jesus Christ can mend our broken hearts, and about having children match half of a heart to another half on the board.

I want to take that broken heart idea, but instead have children try to draw matching hearts out of a box. If they match the heart ups, they get to choose a song. If they don't, we since Choose the Right and cover up as many pieces on the chart as each heart is worth, assigning points to the hearts. The children then have to memorize more and more of the song.

That might be too complicated though. I could just draw hearts that tell children how many pictures to cover.

**2/17 - What I ended up doing was cutting hearts into styrofoam. The kids had to pull the hearts out of the foam, and then cover up as many pictures were under the year.

So right now, to incorporate the Valentine's theme, I am thinking I will let children use big hearts to cover up the CTR poster board I shared with them the week before, one or two pictures at a time, until they have the whole song memorized.

I don't think there will be much time to do much else besides that but I think I also want to take hearts and split them in half, one for each side of the room. I'll have one child pick a heart out of each side. If the hearts match, then they get to pick a song to sing. If they don't, then they pick from a different bucket that tells them which verse to sing and how many pictures on the board to cover.

I think I will mix it up with this one about sending a child out of the room to see if they recognize what line was removed, though, from www. j e n n y s m i t h . n e t

"For old times sake, I thought I would share with you all what I did to review “As a Child of God.”  I put the phrase pictures up on the board and asked a child to leave the room. I asked another child to choose one of the pictures to remove. We shuffled the remaining pictures around a bit to make it harder to spot, but if the guessing child is young, you may want to leave the pictures as they were. When the child came back into the room, we sang the song again to help them discover which picture was missing. Naturally, I asked the child to give the answer in the exact words of the song...

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