Sunday, November 27, 2011

November - Week 2 - Puzzle Activity

I wanted to focus on reviewing "Reverence is Love" and "Samuel Tells the Story of Baby Jesus" from the previous week, as well as focus on the monthly theme of Reverence so I made a puzzle out of a Reverence picture that I found online.

I made a puzzle guide for the junior primary, and then removed the puzzle guide for the senior primary.

I gave each teacher a puzzle piece, and asked them to select someone reverent to help put the puzzle together, to see what picture it would make. As each child went up, their puzzle piece in most cases was co-related to a song with a reverence theme for the month. In some cases, I did not have a song to go with the piece just because I didn't think we'd have time for all nine.

With each song, I tried to talk a little about reverence. I took ideas from the Sharing Time manual and other places to do this. For instance, for "Reverence is Love," I talked about how many times the word "reverence" was said during the song, and asked them to put their hand over the hearts each time they sang that word. For "Reverently, Quietly," I asked them to count how many words ended in "-ly" and reminded them of how this song helps them to be more reverent. 

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